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apr 5 2021

apr 5 2021

Gasolec partnered with Belgium Lighting R&D company 'Explorentis'



Gasolec partnered with a R&D company from Belgium called ‘Explorentis’. They have been in the LED branch for many years now, mainly focussing on lighting developments in the music event industry. A couple of years ago Explorentis started developing LED tubes for aviary systems with another Dutch company. Last year Gasolec decided that the best way to stay ahead with the lighting developments in the livestock market, was to buy a part of Explorentis.


We created a new lighting brand:

A wide variety of LED products and Safety dimmers have been designed especially for broilers (LED bulbs), aviary houses (LED tubes & LED bulbs), parent stock, enriched cages and more… Click here for more information about our LED lighting systems.

Poultry LED Lighting Systems


If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact our dealers or Gasolec directly


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