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During its +65-years of existence Gasolec has become a renowned name in the market. Supplying all over the world from South Africa to Siberia and from Indonesia to the United states.

Gasolec has a few simple guiding principles towards its customers:

  • Deliver the best value for money;
  • Focus on long term relationships through good sales support, service & maintenance;
  • Always delivery high quality through our products and our way of working;
  • Minimize the stock of complete heaters and light units at the dealers by realizing short delivery times through flexible production processes;
  • Be able to customize heaters to local needs.
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    Gasolec B.V.
    Gasolec focusses

    Gasolec focusses itself to be a top-specialist in heating and lighting for the intensive livestock industry, which is the only way to fulfil the high requirements of the customers.

    Being a dedicated company, Gasolec has two channels towards the market:

    • Through a dealer network, import companies or trade companies;
    • Through turnkey suppliers

    The most common construction is one representative (e.g. dealer) for the whole Gasolec product portfolio per country. This representative serves a major part of the market or is able to realize this position within reasonable time. Gasolec does not deliver to end-users. If you don’t know the name of the dealer who is representing Gasolec in your area, you can take a look at our dealer page or contact us directly and we will help you further.

    Turnkey players use our products as part of their whole concept. Our products go to their home base where all goods for the project are collected and distributed to anywhere in the world.

    Gasolec B.V. logo
    Gasolec B.V.

    In the 1960’s the first heaters in the S-series were produced and in 1985 the M-series were certified for selling in Poultry & Pig Houses. A major development was the introduction of the G-series, a 12kW canopy heater, which has been in full production since 2000. It started with the G12 Asco and the G12 Maxi. Both are equipped with a Pilot Flame Ignition system and they operate at either Full Power or at Minimum power. This was followed by the G12E which is equipped with Electric Ignition. Characteristic of the G12 is its unique reflector: it is designed to spread the heat over a larger area instead of focusing the heat on a hot spot. The G12 heaters have a capacity of 12Kw or 42.000 Btu.

    The roots of the sister company 'Gasolec America Inc.' go back to 1992. A company that was established for the sales of the Gasolec Products in North, Central and South America. Their office is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA). 

    Energy efficiency was always a key objective within Gasolec and this was a major criteria in 1998 when Gasolec added monochromatic lighting through energy saving lamps to is product portfolio. This new line of products was expanded in 2015 by adding LED Lighting to our program.

    In 2020 Gasolec partnered with the Belgium R&D company ‘Explorentis’. They have been a developer of LEDs in the entertainment industry for over a decade. The last couple of years Explorentis started focusing on the animal market as well. Gasolec and Explorentis will combine their knowledge and resources to keep creating new and innovative lighting systems for a sustainable future. From now on the new lighting systems will be under the new brand name ‘Prolucent’. 

    In 2021 we launched our new Prolucent lighting products for in the animal market. With a large variety of E27 LED bulbs and LED tubes. Available in different colors and power outputs. Our lighting systems are designed for usage in animal houses with floor level production (broilers / pullets / parent stock etc.) and multilevel production (aviary / cages = rearing / layers). 

    Gasolec B.V. logo
    Gasolec B.V.
    Direct contact

    Direct contact

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