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Monochromatic lighting for Poultry


Monochromatic lighting is available in a variety of colors. These colors all have different influences on the animals. Sunlight has a full spectrum, meaning that all colors are present in it. By enhancing the doses of particular colors on one hand and by removing the undesired colors, the behavior of animals – just like with humans – can be influenced.

Which colors of monochromatic lighting are suitable for which situation?

Since 1998 Gasolec has been offering three different monochromatic CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) in the colors green, blue and red. In addition, we also offer extra warm white lamps, a white color with an extra addition of red (2700K).


The green color will stimulate the muscle cells and the growth of the bones. Moreover, green light ensures more activity in the animals. Green light is most suitable for your poultry house when you want to raise chicks (rearing) or keep broilers.

The blue color ensures that the production of proteins is stimulated and that the muscle cells grow larger. Blue light also ensures that the animals are calmer, which results in a reducing amount of pecking. In addition, experience has taught us that laying hens prefer not to lay their eggs under blue light. Similar to green light, blue light is suitable for rearing chicks and for keeping broilers.

The red color stimulates the hypothalamus and thereby the reproductive process. The hypothalamus is very important in the control of the hormonal system and thus the reproductive process. Egg production is an essential part of this. In addition, experience has taught us that red light helps to prevent pecking problems. Red light is very suitable when poultry are kept for egg production or poultry breeding. When there are serious pecking problems with hens in layer houses, it is wiser to focus on a blue color spectrum.


The extra warm white color (2700K) – which is white light with a relatively large proportion of red in the spectrum – is suitable for keeping poultry for egg production as well as for breeding poultry. A not unimportant factor here is that people generally experience extra warm light as a more pleasant color that allows them to perform better. Checking a poultry house is become more and more important and must be done faster and faster. This daily routine goes easier and faster with extra warm light than with monochromatic lighting. For this reason, we see a double lighting system in an increasing number of poultry houses: extra warm white light for when people are checking upon the animals and for a higher light intensity in a barn and more animal specific lighting (other colors) for the rest of the day.

LED Lighting systems

Since 2015 Gasolec started focusing LED lighting systems. In 2020 Gasolec partnered with a Belgium R&D company specialized in LED lighting. Take a look at our new LED lighting products.


Lighting systems supplied by Gasolec B.V.

When you choose lighting systems from Gasolec B.V. you are assured of high quality products for a fair pricing. As a specialist in the field of livestock environment, we concentrate on these products to provide our customers with energy efficient, long lasting solutions that can be integrated in nearly all poultry & pig production systems.

Key factors contributing to the success of Gasolec are durability, energy efficiency and application know how.

More information about lighting systems from Gasolec B.V. or our complete range of infrared heaters can be found on our website. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we appreciate your questions and enquiries and we are aiming to come back to you within 24 hours.

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Monochromatic lighting for poultry

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