Gas bottle connectors

Gas Cylinder Connections

Different gas cylinder connectors – also known as gas bottle connectors – are being used in various countries all over the world and often also in the same country.

The most common gas cylinder connectors that we encounter are:

  1. POL Connectors / Male Connectors:
    1. US POL
    2. British POL
  2. Female Connectors:
    1. Shell Connector / French Connector
    2. Italian Connector
  3. Clip on Connectors

POL Connectors / Male Connectors

This connection is screwed into the counter part on the gas cylinder.

POL connector

US POL 0.88”
British POL 5/8”

Female connectors

This connection is screwed onto the counter part on the gas cylinder

Female connector

  W1 W2
Shell Connector / French Connector 19mm 27mm *)
Italian Connector 17.5mm 25mm

*) Sometimes larger nuts are used

Clip-On Connector – 20mm

Clip-on Connector

Gasolec provides the PR021A regulator with integrated Clip-On -20mm – connector for output gas pressures of 50-190mBar. The picture shows two of these regulators, from the side and from below. They come with a 9mm hose socket.

From experience we know:

US POL connector North & South America, East Asia
British POL connector United Kingdom
Shell or French Connector Africa, Western Europe, Middle East
Italian Connector Italy, North-East Africa
Clip-On Connector 20mm Malaysia, Indonesia


Many of the smaller gas pressure regulators – up to 10kg - come with an ¼”Female inlet in which one can screw a gas cylinder connection. At Gasolec we often supply these gas pressure regulators including the gas cylinder connections. The point is that when such a gas pressure regulator is directly attached to one gas cylinder, that the maximum capacity of such a regulator drops to about 1 to 1.5kg of Propane/h which is the maximum capacity of a gas cylinder.

PR101 – PR50-190 with Shell connector & 9mm hose socket

PR101 – PR50-190 with Shell connector & 9mm hose socket

PR017A – PR50-190 with US POLL connector + 9mm hose socket

PR017A – PR50-190 with US POL connector + 9mm hose socket