In 2000 Gasolec  B.V. introduced the G-series as larger capacity heaters operating on a low, fixed gas pressure. It started with the G12 Asco and the G12 Maxi Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters. Both are equipped with a Pilot Flame Ignition system and they operate at either Full Power or at Minimum power.  This was followed by the G12E which is equipped with Electric Ignition . This unit is operating at Full power or it is Off. This makes the G12E much more gas efficient than the pilot flame units showing gas savings of 25-30% in practice.

Characteristic of the G12 is its unique reflector: it is designed to spread the heat over a larger area instead of focusing the heat on a hot spot.  The G12 heaters have a capacity of 12Kw or 42.000 Btu. All types are made of stainless steel and therefore resistant against chemicals and/or high pressure cleaning, which guarantees  a long life time span!  


G12 Asco

Manual ignition of the pilot flame and it can be controlled by an existing climate control unit or a Gasolec Thermostat. Versions in 230Vac, 115Vac and 24Vac/12Vdc available

G12 Maxitrol

G12 Maxitrol

Manual ignition of the pilot flame and it has its own mechanical thermostat on every unit, therefore no electricity required.

G12 E

G12 E

Electric ignition switches automatically on when heat is required i.e. when electricity comes from the climate controller or off when not needed for extra gas savings. Operates on 230Vac.

Advantages G12

  • High Capacity 12kW (BTU 42.000)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Operates on a low gas pressure
  • No moving parts => low noise level
  • Unique reflector design
  • Durability

Gasolec G-type Heaters

Type Capacity Propane
I3P / G30
Natural Gas High
I2E / G20
Natural Gas Low
I2L / G25
G12 ASCO 12kW 28 28 25, 28
G12 MAXI 12kW 28 28 25, 28
G12 E 12kW 28 28 25, 28
Type Net Weight Maximum Gas Consumption
G12 Asco 6,46kg 864gr/h 1.08m³/h 1.296m³/h
G12 Maxi 6,83kg 864gr/h 1.08m³/h 1.296m³/h
G12 E 7,65kg 864gr/h 1.08m³/h 1.296m³/h

Typical installation lay-out

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