The Gasolec M-series were introduced in the market in 1985 as an alternative to the S-type Heaters:

  • The output was more adjustable => much lower gas consumption at minimum output
  • Less sensitive to handling damage as there was no fragile ceramic stone
  • Lighter for easier handling
  • Withstands high pressure washing

The M8 is easy to clean with high pressure washing and/or chemicals. The heating capacity of the M8 can be adjusted from 100% towards 12%, depending on gas pressure and gas type. This adjustability helps to lower the gas consumption when no heat is needed.


  • Wide Adjustable Heating Capacity – with Propane from 12% to 100%
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Light
  • No breakable ceramics
  • Withstands high pressure washing
  • Low maintenance
  • Capacity adjusting through gas pressure adjusting
  • Simple design
  • Standard with thermo-electromagnetic safety device
  • Optional: with thermo-electromagnetic safety device with integrated clixon

Gasolec M-type Heater

Type Capacity Propane
I3P / G30
Natural Gas High
I2E / G20
Natural Gas Low
I2L / G25
M2 1kW 20-1400, 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
M3 1.5kW 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
M5 3kW 20-1400, 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
M8 5kW 20-1400, 20-310 20-50, 20-300 20-50, 20-300
Type Net Weight Maximum Gas Consumption
M2 1,05kg 72gr/h 0.090m³/h 0.108m³/h
M3 1,05kg 108gr/h 0.135m³/h 0.162m³/h
M5 1,55kg 216gr/h 0.270m³/h 0.324m³/h
M8 1,57kg 360gr/h 0.450m³/h 0.540m³/h

For other gas types and gas pressures contact your dealer or contact Gasolec B.V.

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