Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters for poultry and pigs 

In general heat can be transferred by conduction, convection and radiation. In practice all three are used by heating systems, but there are big differences in the ratios. Our first priority is on radiation heat, to create artificial suns.

Gasolec Gas Heaters produce a high ratio of infrared radiation. Infrared heating is as close to nature as heating can be, so for animals sitting under the heating system it feels like sitting under the sun.

Gasolec Infrared Radiant Heaters offer the user many advantages compared to other heating systems:

  • The animals grow faster
  • Preheating takes less time
  • Lower investment costs
  • Creates comfort zones
  • No air flow that can dry out the animals
  • Allows heating of areas with poor insulation and/or no walls
  • Operating without noise
  • All heat that has been produced stays in the room
  • The infrared radiation is aimed at the floor and the animals
  • Lower CO2 output 

Gasolec developed a portfolio with three different types of Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters for Poultry and Pig Houses, each type is available in different capacities.

S-Heaters were the first heaters Gasolec produced. They are considered as good, relatively inexpensive and reliable brooders for animal production. M-Heaters were introduced as an alternative and have a lower gas consumption at minimum output. Also they are lighter, less sensitive to handling damage and resistant to high pressure washing. G-Heaters are large capacity heaters operating on a low, fixed gas pressure.  

Often customers ask which Infrared Radiant Heater is most suitable for using with pigs and which heater is typically used for poultry. The point is that all the Gasolec Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters can be used in both applications.

In general Poultry Houses are large houses, often with only one room, in which all animals are of similar size and age. Most Poultry Houses start with 300-400m² and the larger ones are well over 3000m². Therefore heaters with a larger heating capacity are the most popular.

In most cases customers with Poultry Houses will rank the Gasolec Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters as follow:

  1. 1. G12 (12kW, stainless steel)
  2. 2. M8 (5kW, stainless steel)
  3. 3. S8 (3.5kW, ceramic heater)

Pig Houses are often divided in different rooms with animals of the same age in one room and with different ages between the rooms. Here we often see pig rooms starting at 40m², which in itself can be split up in pig pens starting at 3-4m². Although in some cases we see Pig Houses with one room of a similar size as in Poultry Houses.

In practice this means that customers with Pig Houses will rank the Gasolec Infrared Riadiant Heaters as follow:

  1. M5 (3kW, stainless steel)
  2. M3 (1.5kW, stainless steel)
  3. M8 (5kW, stainless steel)
  4. M2 (1kW, stainless steel)
  5. G12 (12kW, stainless steel)
  6. S4 (1.75kW, ceramic heater)
  7. S2 (0.88kW, ceramic heater)

Infrared Radiant Heaters made of stainless steel are preferred as farmers can clean them more easily. 

The heating capacity in relation to the surface is an important selection criteria when choosing the heater, but there are more points to consider.

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