OrionLED Lamp 14W

The OrionLED 14W with its output of 1400Lumen is in principle designed as a replacement for 100W incandescent lamps which makes an 85% energy saving possible!

Characteristics OrionLED 14W Lamp

Power Consumption: 14W
Light Output: 1400+Lumen
Power Factor: 0.925+
Power Supply: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Light Colour: 2700K
Lamp base: ES27


The OrionLED 14W lamp can be integrated into two different styles of Complete Light Units:

  • A unit consisting of a VLU Fixture & Lamp & Lamp-screw-on-Cover Short that meets IP65 criteria in any position
  • A unit consisting of a VLU Fixture & Lamp& special cover ring & special sealing ring but without cover that meets IP54 criteria when hanging vertically

The IP65 versions can be washed and cleaned with a pressure washer, the IP54 can be washed but not with a pressure washer. The IP54 version will give about 10% more light intensity due to the absence of the extra cover than the IP65 version but there is less protection of the lamp.

Meeting or even exceeding IP65 criteria is becoming the standard as being able to clean and disinfect all equipment has become common practice in commercial poultry production.

OrionLED 14W

Dimmer for OrionLED 14W

With this OrionLED 14W lamp comes an OrionLED Light Intensity Controller unit that can handle up to 200 OrionLED 14W lamps from 2% to 100%.

Conversion CFL System to OrionLED 14w system

In practice it is relatively easy to install Gasolec OrionLED 14W Lamps in existing Gasolec VLU (Vertical Light Units) Light installations with CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamps by replacing the dimmer and the lamps without changing fixtures and electric wiring.

By adding new lamp-screw-on-covers-short one can come to an IP65 level installation. Otherwise it is possible to achieve the IP54 level by incorporating the proper sealing rings. Please discuss such a plan with your dealer or with Gasolec for proper guidance.

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