Horizontal and Vertical Light Units

The VLU versions – Vertical Light Units - of the ORION LIGHT SYSTEM are out of the delivery program, in its place there is the OrionLED 14W System! The HLU versions – Horizontal Light Units - of the ORION LIGHT SYSTEM is still available. Contact Gasolec B.V. for parts of the ORION LIGHT SYSTEM and/or other items that are still available.

At Gasolec we  learned that when lighting Poultry Houses we should be able to focus the light on those areas where the light is wanted and away from places where it isn’t wanted. For this reason we developed two styles of light fixtures:

  • the VLU-series
  • the HLU-series.

Both can be equipped with our compact fluorescent lamps:

Horizontal Light Unit (HLU)


The main application of the HLU is lighting poultry houses with Layers in Cages. The lamp is installed perpendicular over the corridor to aim the light at the corridor and at the troughs and not into the cages.

  • the feed troughs are uniformly lightened
  • less light aimed directly into the cages => less pecking problems
  • no obstacles in the corridors
  • one can turn the CFLS Lamp inside the unit to aim the light where it is wanted.

The picture below shows enriched layer cages 6 Tiers high, One line of lamps per corridor, 6m apart.


Another HLU application is under aviary constructions as shown below. For this application the HLU Orion with an 11W Green Orionlux is Normally used as the green lamp gives 33% more lumen than an 11W White lamp.

An HLU Fixture can be supplied as:

  • HLU Orion unit for one Orionlux lamp
    This is the most popular model, usually with a white lamp, sometimes with a red lamp
  • HLUDA Orion unit for two Orionlux lamps
    This is normally equipped with a White and a Red Orionlux lamp for layer houses with cages, the white is used when humans are in the house, the red is used when there are no humans in the poultry house.
  • HLU IPL unit for one IPL lamp
    This model is for customers who want more dimming, normally supplied with a white lamp.

On request the HLU units can be delivered with a 1.5m electric cable for an easier installation.


Vertical Light Units (VLU)

The Gasolec Vertical Light Units can be delivered in various types depending on the installation requirements.


VLU 3-Positions

These units can be screwed directly to a ceiling or to a wall or they can be attached to a steel cable or steel tube with tie wraps.

VLU Cable

These units can be attached to a steel cable or steel tube with tie wraps, see the picture below with the green and blue lamps.


These units are installed hanging from the ceiling or a steel cable or steel tube.

In practice VLU Light Units are the standard for lighting animals on the ground as the VLU Light Units enable a uniform light distribution. Another application for VLU light units, especially the VLU HIP, is for lighting pullets in rearing cages.

Many of our customers install the VLU Units hanging on a height adjustable steel tube for easier service AND to be able to raise the lamps higher when working with larger machines in the poultry house.


Lamp Fixation Unit

A special part for the Gasolec VLU Light units is the Lamp Fixation Unit, Gasolec LP157, that is to be slipped over the end of the CFL lamp.
This unit is designed to protect the lamp when for example someone walks against the complete unit. Normally when someone /something bounces against the Light Unit, the lamp inside will move and it often it touches the lamp-screw-on-cover. When this ‘touch’ is going too fast, the lamp may break. The lamp fixation unit helps to prevent this.

Orionlux & IPL Lamp with LP157 Lamp Fixation

IPL Lamp & Orionlux with LP157 Lamp Fixation

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