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oct 4 2021

oct 4 2021

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Our new generation LED bulbs feature a brighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient LED lamp, while Gasolec has managed to increase the quality, but lower the cost price (thus selling price) of these new units. While maintaining the E27 base, these LED Lamps can replace the old CFL Energy Saving lamps or ORIONLED lamps, without having to install new fixtures and electric wiring.  

Different types op LED lamps

7W & 12W LED Bulb | 2700K (extra warm white)
As known for many years, lighting plays a significant part in the health and growability of animals. One of the important factors of this is the light spectrum which is used in poultry houses. Chickens perform most optimally under a combination of red and white light. Our 2700K (extra warm white) LED bulbs do not only stimulate the performance of the animals, but also give a more natural appearance.  

12W DimTo LED Bulb | 2000K – 4000K (mimics the sun)
To take this natural appearance a step further, the Prolucent 12W DimTo LED Bulb is designed with a special feature: at 5% power the colour is 2000K and when raising the output to 100% the colour changes to 4000K. By changing the spectrum during the day from 2000K (reddish sunrise) to 4000K (natural white), animals can truly feel like they have outside daylight, but also still keep the best performance due to the red colour mixture.

12W DimTo Bulb (left 2000K - center 3000K - right 4000K)


LED bulbs

PLB 7 Watt

PLB 12 WattPLB 12 Watt DimTo
Light output (± 10%)880 Lumen1,350 Lumen1,450 Lumen
Nominal power7 Watt12 Watt12 Watt
Lumen/Watt efficiencyMinimum 120 Lm/WMinimum 110 Lm/WMinimum 115 Lm/W
Light spectral output2,700K | Warm white2,700K | Warm white

2,000K - 4,000K | Changing
spectrum while dimming 

Reddish - Neutral white

DimmableYes | 2 – 100% 
Operating temperature-20 ºC to 50 ºC 
Input voltage230V, 50/60 Hz
Live expectancy> 30,000 hours
Beam angle      200°
WaterproofIP65 (with cover) | IP54 (without cover)
Lamp baseE27
Power factor> 0.9
Flicker factorMax 0.017 (undimmed, at 100%)
UsageBroilers | Layers (corridor) | Breeding houses | Pullets | Turkeys | Pigs


AC Safety dimmer | 2 - 100% Dimmable | Max 1.300 Watt

With a new generation LED lights also comes a new AC dimmer. This new Safety dimmer for 230Vac is a Light Intensity Controller that can adjust the light intensity in between 2 and 100% nearly flicker free. The dimmer can handle up to 108 Prolucent 12 Watt lamps, with a power factor of > 0.9. The dimmer uses a 0 – 10 V control input. 

Three different modes can be selected, depending on what type of LED bulb is being used. Other highlights are:

+  Light programs can be customized;AC Safety Dimmer for LED lamps
+  Max. 1.300 Watt;
+  Soft dimming;
+  Multiple safety functions;
+  Nearly flicker free;
+  Manual access;
+  No minimum load;
+  Low cost;
+  Designed for an installation on DIN rail.

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