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Poultry Floorlevel

Versi VLU – Unit Pencahayaan Vertikal – dari SISTEM PENCAHAYAAN ORION tidak masuk dalam program pengiriman, sebagai gantinya ada sistem bola lampu LED Prolucent 7 Watt (2700K), 12 Watt (2700K) dan 12 Watt DimTo (2000-4000K).

Versi HLU – Unit Pencahayaan Horizontal – dari SISTEM PENCAHAYAAN ORION tidak termasuk dalam program pengiriman juga. Sebagai gantinya kami sering merekomendasikan bola lampu LED baru atau tabung LED T seri baru (T1 & T2). 

Hubungi Gasolec B.V. untuk mendapatkan suku cadang SISTEM PENCAHAYAAN ORION  dan/ atau barang lain yang masih tersedia.


In 1997 Gasolec started with the distribution of Orionlux energy saving compact fluorescent lamps for lighting in poultry houses. The drawing below gives the schematic working of such a lamp, which in practice has proven to produce 5-6x more Lumen/Watt than incandescent lamps.

In practice we discovered that by using Monochromatic lamps, we could also stimulate the performance of the birds.

Pencahayaan monokromatik

Monochromatic Light is light of a certain colour. At Gasolec we are using Monochromatic Green, Blue and Red as well as Extra Warm White lamps.

  • Monochromatic light, 520-560 nm (Green for humans beings) stimulates the number of muscle cells and the growing of the bones plus it stimulates animal activity.
  • Monochromatic light, 440-500 nm (Blue for human beings) stimulates the production of proteins (making the muscle cells bigger) and it calms the animals and it can reduce pecking problems.
  • Monochromatic light, 620-700 nm (Red for human beings) stimulates the hypothalamus ( making hormones for reproduction; laying eggs and fertility) and is known to prevent pecking problems.

So in general for poultry production we use for:

Rearing => Green and Blue
Broilers => Green and Blue
Layers => Red/ Extra Warm White + Blue in cases with serious pecking problems.
Breeders => Red/ Extra Warm White

Farmers with monochromatic light have often told us that their birds are calmer with monochromatic light. It’s not only an issue of giving the right colour but as much of eliminating unwanted colours.

Normally in Compact Fluorescent lamps / Energy Saving Lamps the electronics or ballast is integrated in the base of the lamp and by the end of its life time it has to be thrown away. Gasolec B.V. offers a unique system whereby the lamp and ballast are kept separate. In general the ballast or adapter has a life time of four times the life time span of a lamp!


Orion Adapter (2-pins) == HABIS TERJUAL


IPL Adapter (4-pins) == HABIS TERJUAL

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