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From the start Gasolec aimed for heating with Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters that produce a high ratio of Infrared radiation, artificial suns.

These Heaters offer the users many advantages compared to alternative heating systems:Gasolec M8 Infrared heater

  • Better growth of the animals
  • Shorter preheating before the animals arrive
  • Lower investment costs
  • Creates comfort zones
  • No air flow that can dry out the animals
  • Allows heating of areas with poor insulation and/or no walls
  • Operating without noise
  • All heat produced stays in the room
  • The infrared radiation is aimed at the floor and the animals on the floor
  • This leads to a high efficiency => lower CO₂ output

Over the years Gasolec developed a portfolio with 3 different types of Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters, each type can be delivered in different capacities.

An important consideration when selecting the right heater is the adjustability of the heating capacity of the heaters. In the table below the M-types show larger gas pressure variation options than the S-types.

The data plus the pictures below give a short summary of the characteristics of these heaters. More detailed information can be found with the various types.

Gasolec Heater types, capacities, standard gas type & gas pressures in mBar combinations:

I3P / G30
Natural Gas High
I2E / G20
Natural Gas Low
I2L / G25
S20.88 kW50-190, 350-140020-5020-50
S41.75 kW50-190, 350-140020-5020-50, 25
S83.5 kW50-190, 350-140020-5020-50, 25
M21 kW20-1400, 20-31020-50, 20-30020-50, 20-300
M31.5 kW20-31020-50, 20-30020-50, 20-300
M53 kW20-1400, 20-31020-50, 20-30020-50, 20-300
M85 kW20-1400, 5-31020-50, 20-30020-50, 20-300
G12ASCO12 kW282825, 28
G12MAXI12 kW282825, 28
G12E12 kW282825, 28
Gas consumption for 1 kW: 1kW = 866kcal = 3460BTU/h
I3P / G30 72 gram of Propane/h
I2E / G20 0.090m³/h of Natural Gas High
I2L / G25 0.108m³/h of Natural Gas Low
The Maximum Capacity is reached at the maximum gas pressure
The Capacity decreases when the gas pressure is lowered

See the 3 different series below:

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