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LED Bulb Fixtures E27

When installing a lighting system with LED bulbs for 220-230Vac in an animal house, you also need fixtures. For our E27 LED bulb range we offer the follow fixtures:


LP040 -The VLU-3 positions fixture can be installed at 3 different angles to keep the LED bulb vertical aiming its output at the floor to create a uniform light distribution. Specially designed for mounting against angled sealings or walls or for an installation hanging from a steel cable or steel tube. 

Gasolec LP040 fixture - VLU-3 positions


LP041 - The VLU Cable fixture  is mainly used hanging from (height adjustable) tubes or cables. Making it easy to install using only tie wraps. 

Gasolec LP041 VLU Cable fixture
LP047 – The VLU HIP fixture is designed for hanging on its own power cable, with one cable entry on the backside of the fixture.. Making it well suitable for usage over corridors where one doesn’t want a horizontal connection between light units for birds to sit on. Gasolec LP047 VLU HIP fixture


PLB Light Units: IP65 or IP54 Waterproof
The Prolucent LED bulbs can be integrated into two different styles of Complete Light Units that meet either the IP65 or the IP54 criteria. Today with an increased pressure from society to minimize the use of antibotics in animal houses, it is important to take as many preventive steps as possible. The ability to wash the light units is a factor to improve the biosecurity of the animal house, the cleaner the better.


LP062 - Lamp screw on cover short 
The cobinaton of VLU Fixture & LED Lamp & Lamp-screw-on-Cover Short (LP062) meets the IP65 criteria in any position. This enables washing with a high pressure washer with some produce. 

Gasolec LP062 - Lamp screw on cover short 

LP056 + LP032 = Special cover ring + sealing ring
The combination of VLU Fixture + LED lamp + special cover ring (LP056) + sealing ring (PL032) meets IP54 criteria as long as the lamp is installed hanging vertically. This  enables washing with water. 

Gasolec LP056 + LP032 = Special cover ring + sealing ring

The IP54 version will give about 10% more light intensity due to the absence of the extra cover. 


Check out all types of complete lighting units for the PLB LED lamps below:

LUAP7W0 - VLU Cable Prolucent 7W IP54
LUAP12W0 - VLU Cable Prolucent 12W IP54
LUAP12DO - VLU Cable Prolucent 12W DimTo IP54   

Gasolec Animal Lighting = LED Bulb + Fixture IP54

LUAP7W1 - VLU Cable Prolucent 7W IP65
LUAP12W1 - VLU Cable Prolucent 12W IP65
LUAP12D1 - VLU Cable Prolucent 12W DimTo IP65

Gasolec Animal Lighting = LED Bulb + Fixture IP65

LUBP7W0 - VLU 3-positions Prolucent 7W IP54
LUBP12W0 - VLU 3-positions Prolucent 12W IP54
LUBP12DO - VLU 3-positions Prolucent 12W DimTo IP54
Gasolec Animal Lighting = LED Bulb + Fixture IP54

LUBP7W1 - VLU 3-positions Prolucent 7W IP65
LUBP12W1 - VLU 3-positions Prolucent 12W IP65
LUBP12D1 - VLU 3-positions Prolucent 12W DimTo IP65
Gasolec Animal Lighting = LED Bulb + Fixture IP65

LUCP7W0 - VLU HIP Prolucent 7W IP54
LUCP12W0 - VLU HIP Prolucent 12W IP54
LUCP12DO - VLU HIP Prolucent 12W DimTo IP54
Gasolec Animal Lighting = LED Bulb + Fixture IP54

LUCP7W1 - VLU HIP Prolucent 7W IP65
LUCP12W1 - VLU HIP Prolucent 12W IP65
LUCP12D1 - VLU HIP Prolucent 12W DimTo IP65
Gasolec Animal Lighting = LED Bulb + Fixture IP65
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