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Prolucent LED systems

The latest light source is LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes). LEDs are well known for their relative low power consumption, which is an important feature with today’s trend to minimize the waste energy consumption and lower the costs. Provided the LEDs are used correctly, they can last a long time (+ 25.000 hours). LEDs are sensitive to temperature and combined with the high humidity, dust and ammonia levels in animal houses, these conditions can be very difficult for LED lamps. 

LEDs come in various shapes and lengths with their own uniqueness’s and purposes. This also goes without saying for animal houses. Every market has their own needs and demands. Why would this be any different with lighting?

LED Bulbs (E27)

Prolucent LED Bulbs 7 Watt regular, 12 Watt regular en 12 Watt DimToWith floor level houses we most often recommend the E27 LED bulbs. These LED bulbs are:

  • Relatively cheaper compared to other lighting solutions;
  • High Lumen per Watt ratio (up to +120Lm/W);
  • Easy to install, farmers can do it themselves; 
  • IP65 waterproof, with protection cover;
  • No heating problem within closed housing;
  • Offers a wide distribution of light;
  • Can often be used with current light fixtures. 

Gasolec has a variety of LED bulbs with different colour spectrums and light outputs. Depending on the ceiling height, kind of animals in the house and the demands of the farmer, a perfect light plan with the correct LED bulbs can be made. This way creating the most optimal environment for animals indoor. At Gasolec we have various kinds of LED bulbs.

T-series LED Tubes (48 Vdc)

T1+ (special white) LED Tube (special white)


T1+ 3000K (warm white)LED tube (warm white 3000K)

For multilevel and low ceiling houses Gasolec developed a new LED lamp series: the T-series LED tube. Each tube consists out of 72 or 144 LEDs with a length of around 1.8 meter long (without connector & cable). Unlike other LED tubes that create point source lighting, we reduce stress by equal distribution of light. The LED tubes can easily be connected to each other with the attached 2 or 3 pin power cable.  LED tubes & LED bulbs in aviary house

The T-series LED tubes are:

  • Again easy to install (with the pin power cable connector)
  • Easy to clean with high pressure hose (IP69K)
  • Even distribution of light;
  • Special dimmer with unique features;
  • Dimmer is dim rail mountable;
  • Different colours and lumen output versions available.


T2+ LED tube (multicolour)

A unique feature of the T2 LED tubes, is the possibility of using different kinds of colours within 1 tube. By changing the colour output (the colour spectrum), it’s possible to change the behavior of chickens. Give me more information about the effect of colour on animal behavior.

colour 1 (red):
LED tube (red)

colour 2 (special white):LED tube (special white)

colour 1 & 2 combined:

LED tube (special white & red)

The effect of different colours in animal houses

T2: Warm white (3000K) & blue (470 Nm)T2 Led Tube - Warm White (3000K) & Blue (470 Nm)

The behavior of animals can be controlled with different colour outputs. For instance, blue light calms animals and discourages hens from laying eggs on the ground, a problem that often occurs in aviary systems. We get the best reduction in floor eggs under aviary systems by mixing the blue and the warm white colours at various intensities and time periods.


T2: Warm white (3000K) & Red (625 Nm)T2 LED Tube: warm white (3000K) & Red (625Nm)

The red colour spectrum is known for stimulating the hypothalamus leading to a higher egg production and for preventing pecking problems.

Again, by mixing the warm white and red spectrum one can optimize the conditions for the laying hens. 



Prolucent DC Safety Dimmer for lighting systemProlucent T-series DC safety Dimmer 
In general, every new production cycle has different animals with different lighting needs. The finetuning of the T2 multicolour lamps can veay with every cycle. Our Prolucent DC safety Dimmers are specially designed to enable the farmer to control 2 colours individually in the same LED tube at the same time. 

The DC safety Dimmer has special safety functions as it continuously checks the internal temperature and the power supplied to the LED tubes. This dimmer is equipped with an alarm exit and it can handle up to 2x 8Amp.


Explorentis        Prolucent       

Gasolec has been providing lighting solutions for animal houses since 1997 and gained a lot of experience with this. We are therefore very critical about the LEDs we introduce in the livestock market.

Since 2020 Gasolec partnered with the Belgium R&D company ‘Explorentis’. They have been a developer of LEDs in the entertainment industry for over a decade. The last couple of years Explorentis started focusing on the animal market as well. 

Gasolec and Explorentis will combine their knowledge and resources to keep creating new and innovative lighting systems for a sustainable future. From now on the new lighting systems will be under the new brand name ‘Prolucent’. 


Our LED lighting range:

E27 LED Bulbs icon
3 bulbs samen aan

E27 LED Bulbs

This new generation LED bulbs feature a brighter, longer lasting and more energy efficient LED lamp, while Gasolec has managed to lower the cost price (thus selling price) of these new units. 

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Tube T1+ series icon
T1 combi

Tube T1+ series

The Prolucent lighting tubes provide an uniform light distribution by using 72 LEDs and an opaque finish. Unlike other LED tubes that create point source lighting, we reduce stress by equal distribution of light. The low voltage system (48Vdc) is the perfect balance between...

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Tube T2+ series icon
T2 combi

Tube T2+ series

One of the unique features of the T2 series is the option to change the colour spectrum. By doing this we can influence the behavior of animals which can result in a reduction of stress, ground eggs & pecking.

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AC-DC LED Dimmers icon

AC-DC LED Dimmers

LED lighting systems cannot work properly without the right Light Intensity Controller. Numerous Safety functions and individually customized light programs are all standard features in our new LED Dimmers.

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