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AC-DC LED Dimmers

AC Safety dimmer | LED Bulbs

With a new generation LED Bulbs also comes a new dimmer. This new Safety dimmer for 230Vac is a Light Intensity Controller that can adjust the light intensity in between 2 and 100% nearly flicker free. The dimmer can handle up to 108 Prolucent 12 Watt lamps (max 1.300 Watt), with a power factor of > 0.9. The dimmer uses a 0 – 10 V control input.

Three different modes can be selected, depending on what type of LED Bulb is being used. Other highlights are:Prolucent AC Safety Dimmer for LED lamps

  • Light programs can be customized
  • Max 1.300 Watt
  • Soft dimming
  • Multiple safety functions
  • Nearly flicker free
  • Manual access
  • No minimum load
  • Low cost
  • Designed for an installation on DIN Rail


DC Safety Dimmer | LED Tubes

We developed our DC Safety Dimmer especially for regulating the output of DC lamps. It has 2 power input channels (each max. 8Amp) and 4 power output channels. This dimmer has build in safety functions where it checks the outgoing powersupply to the lamps. The DC dimmer detects alarming situations, like overheating, broken wiring and broken lamps. The corresponding output shuts down when a fault is detected and shows this error. At the same time this DC dimmer is equiped with an alarm relais that can be connected to the central alarm system. 

Programs can be run to change the colour output automatically in different time zones (for T2-series). This is, among others, sometimes recommended so that the animals will not get used to one specific colour spectrum and hereby lose the effectiveness. A few features of the Prolucent T-series dimmer are:Prolucent 48 Volt DC Safety Dimmer for LED tubes

  • Voltage: 14-48 DC;
  • High power frequency > 2kHz;
  • Overheating and overload protection
  • Auto slow fading: to avoid stress induction & flickering;
  • 2 dc power inputs, each max. 8Amp 
  • 4 Control inputs: to control the dim levels of 4 channels
  • Can be used as 0-10V input or to connect potentiometer (10K potmeter);
  • Safety function: automatic system shut down if a flaw is detected
  • Equipped with an alarm relais that can be connected to a central alarm system
  • Din rail mountable: the dimmer can be installed within standard wiring cabinets
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