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Animal heating: Ensuring comfort and performance

Ensuring the well-being and optimal performance of animals, particularly in environments where exposure to natural sunlight is minimal, is crucial. Proper animal heating replicates the essential warmth of the sun, a fundamental aspect for the health and growth of animals housed in stables. Gasolec B.V. offers innovative solutions specifically designed to address these needs in poultry and pig houses. These heating systems play a pivotal role in maintaining a stable environment conducive to the animals' comfort and productivity. A well-regulated temperature is vital for supporting their physical health, affecting everything from feed conversion rates to growth patterns. Our commitment is to provide environments that not only promote the welfare of the animals but also enhance their overall performance in agricultural settings.

Heating options tailored for animal comfort

Heating animals efficiently necessitates a solution that directly targets the area where warmth is most needed. Unlike traditional warm air systems, which inefficiently heat the space, causing delays in warming the animals, infrared heaters from Gasolec B.V. deliver immediate comfort to the ground and animals. This method prevents unnecessary energy loss and ensures animals benefit from a cozy environment swiftly. Furthermore, this heating method reduces the risk of dehydration, a common issue with warm air circulation. By optimizing the heating process, we ensure animals receive the warmth they need without the wait, fostering a more comfortable and healthier living condition.

Creating comfort zones with animal heating

The concept of heating evolves with Gasolec B.V.’s gas infrared heaters, introducing a method where warmth is not just about temperature, but also about creating a conducive environment for animals to thrive. This innovative approach allows for the establishment of different comfort zones within a stable, enabling animals to select their preferred temperature. Such flexibility is crucial, accommodating various species and ages, ensuring that each animal finds its comfort spot. These heaters are not only about maintaining an optimal temperature; they represent a shift towards an animal-centric approach to animal warming, ensuring every animal's welfare and comfort is prioritized within the confines of their environment.

Gas infrared heaters for effective animal warming

Gasolec B.V. understands the technical needs that accompany effective animal heating systems, offering a selection of gas pressure regulators to ensure our infrared heaters operate at peak efficiency. The type of regulator needed, be it manual, HighLow automatic, continuous (stepless), or fixed gas pressure, varies based on specific operational requirements. This customization allows our systems to adapt to diverse farming operations, providing a tailored heating solution that meets the unique needs of each setup. Our expertise in this field ensures that we offer not just products, but solutions that enhance the welfare and productivity of animals across various agricultural practices.

Global network worldwide

In extending our reach globally, Gasolec B.V. has cultivated a comprehensive dealer network to ensure our advanced solutions are accessible worldwide. This network, showcased on our World Map, is designed to connect customers with local experts who embody our commitment to quality and service. For those unable to locate a dealer, our dedicated team is on hand to offer direct support, ensuring access to the best possible heating solutions, regardless of project size or location. Our mission is to facilitate optimal animal welfare and productivity through superior heating systems, supporting livestock health and farm efficiency globally.

Contact us for more information about animal heating

Gasolec B.V. is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art heating and LED lighting systems, designed to meet the nuanced needs of animal husbandry. Our commitment to innovation ensures our products not only meet but exceed industry standards for energy efficiency and performance. For any inquiries about animal heating, contact us! Our team is ready to provide comprehensive support and information, aiming to address your questions within 24 hours. We value the trust our customers place in us and are committed to offering solutions that enhance the well-being and performance of animals, ensuring their environments are as comfortable and productive as possible.

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