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Why is animal heating so important?

Heating animals is crucial to the welfare and performance of these animals. Especially for animals in stables, where heating from the sun is minimal, it is important that the heat from the sun is imitated. Gasolec B.V. offers several options for heating animals in poultry and pig houses.

Heating animals by infrared heating

The heating options of Gasolec B.V. are infrared heaters on gas. Heating via an infrared radiator is better for the animals than heating via, for example, warm air. Heating with infrared heaters is faster, more efficient and more targeted. When warm air is used, the heat first rises upwards, only then are the ground and the animals heated. With an infrared heater, the heat is targeted directly to the ground and thus the animals. This, for example, also heats the straw on which the animals are located. Furthermore, moving warm air can cause the animals to become dehydrated.

When using infrared heaters as heating for animals, so-called comfort zones are created. The temperature changes when the distance from the infrared heater changes. This way, the animals can choose for themselves which temperature they prefer.

In summary, the advantages of infrared heating are:

  • Direct heat to the desired location
  • Efficient consumption
  • Radiation that feels like the sun
  • Good for heating animals on the floor in poorly insulated areas or even areas without walls
  • The heaters create their own heat zones
  • Lower investment costs compared to alternative heating solutions

S8 Infrared HeaterM8 Infared Heater

Gas infrared heaters for animals

The infrared heaters from Gasolec B.V. are gas powered. For this reason, a gas pressure regulator is generally required. This regulator ensures that the correct gas pressure is passed on to the infrared heater. Which gas pressure regulator you need depends on your situation and the type of infrared heater.

Gasolec B.V. offers the following gas pressure regulators:

  • Manual gas regulators
  • HighLow – automatic gas regulator
  • Continuous (stepless) – automatic throttle control
  • Fixed gas pressure

Heating animals with Gasolec B.V. heaters

All products from Gasolec B.V. are of high quality, robust and efficient. We deliver quality all over the world for a competitive price. Gasolec B.V. has the right knowledge and experience to provide you with the best products for your needs.

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