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Farm heater for poultry and pig houses offered by Gasolec B.V.  

The radiant heaters offered by Gasolec B.V. work on gas, which is why they are often called gas heaters. Our gas heaters produce infrared radiation that is widely used for heating animals in animal houses. This infrared radiation heats the animals and their immediate surroundings such as the litter on the ground. The radiant heat from the Gasolec heaters can be compared to the radiant heat provided by the sun. That’s why a farm heater from Gasolec B.V. are also called ‘artificial suns’. In addition to a lot of light, the sun also produces a lot of heat radiation and infrared radiation. 

S8 Infrared Gas Heater (3,5kW) M8 Infrared Gas Heater (5kW) G12 Infrared Gas Heater (12kW)

Why use gas as an energy source for a farm heater? 

Modern poultry and pig houses are usually large in size. They often have between 1500-2000m² of floor space per house and there are often several poultry or pigs houses close to each other. If, for example, one thinks they need 125W/m² as heating capacity in a moderate climate, then we are talking about 200-300kW/hour of heating energy needed per house. In addition, this heating capacity is often used for a relatively short time, sometimes only a few weeks per production round. To meet such an energy requirement via electricity for one house, a very heavy power supply connection is required. This will only increase when needed for several houses. Installing an electricity supply at this magnitude is very expensive, especially for the relatively short period of time the electricity is needed. 

A farm heater from us is called: artificial suns 

In practice, gas as an energy source for a farm heater is a much simpler and cheaper investment and it’s easier to absorb peak loads. 

The infrared gas heaters of Gasolec function like artificial suns. They are designed to provide a similar kind of natural heat like the sun. the radiators provide infrared radiation, meaning that air displacement is in principle not necessary. Another benefit is that radiation heating is very efficient when used in poorly isolated houses. 

  • 1 - Direct infrared heat from heaters to the floor 
  • 2 - Horizontal heat conduction within the floor 
  • 3 - Indirect radiant heat and convection upward from heated floor 
  • 4 - Indirect radiant heat and convection flow downward from ceiling 

Which gas heaters are suitable as a farm heater? 

Gasolec B.V. manufactures gas infrared heaters consisting out of three different categories: 

The type of gas heater most suitable for your poultry or pig house depends on the application and your wishes on how you want to manage your production. The gas heaters differ in terms of heating capacity, gas type and gas pressure options. We would like to get in touch with you to discuss your wishes and to subsequently determine together which gas heater is suitable for your poultry or pigsty. 

What are important factors when choosing a gas heater?

When using infrared gas heating, it is important that the gas pressure regulation is done correctly. Gasolec B.V. offers gas pressure regulators that fit well with different gas heaters. Which gas pressure regulator is suitable depends on factors such as the type of gas, the gas pressure, the type of gas heater and a possible connection to the climate control system in that animal house. 

Which Gas Type for a farm heater?  

Gasolec supplies gas heaters for Propane/LPG or Natural Gas High or Natural Gas Low. Technically all our gas pressure regulators can handle all above gas types, however the gas type used gives information on the gas pressure that is entering the regulation system. Assuming local regulations allow it, we see for example: 

  • Propane: 1.5Bar inlet pressure is normally available 
  • LPG/Butane: 0.5 – 0.7Bar inlet gas pressure is normally available 
  • Natural Gas: The inlet gas pressure can vary a lot: 25mBar / 50mBar / 300mBar / 960mBar / 2 Bar / please check locally 

Inlet Gas Pressure 

The capacity of a gas pressure regulator is determined by the Inlet Gas Pressure, the desired Outlet Gas pressure AND the type of Gas that is flowing through the unit. As a rule of thumb one can say that when we change the gas pressure 4x, the capacity in kg going through the same unit changes 2x. For example: when the gas pressure from an S8 for 350-1400mBar Propane is lowered from 1400mBar to 350mBar (4x) then the heat output drops from 100% to 50% (2x) 

Gasolec B.V. offers the following gas pressure regulators for farm heaters: 

  • Manual gas regulators 
  • HighLow – automatic gas regulator 
  • Continuous (stepless) – automatic throttle control 
  • Fixed gas pressure with ON / OFF – Automatic gas regulato      

More information about LED lighting or infrared heating for broiler and other poultry houses can be found on our website. 

Manual Regulation   Automatic Regulation - High-Low   Automatic Regulation - Continuous (Step Less)   Automatic Regulation with fixed gas pressure – ON/OFF

More information about LED lighting or infrared heating for broiler and other poultry houses can be found on our website.

Farm heater needs? Contact us!  

Gasolec B.V. prides itself on its worldwide dealer network, making it easy for you to find a local dealer for your heater needs. Whether you're looking for energy-efficient solutions for poultry or pig houses, our World Map feature on the website guides you to the nearest specialist ready to provide expert advice and installation support. If you're struggling to locate a dealer nearby, don't hesitate to contact us directly. Our commitment to customer service ensures that we're always here to assist you in selecting the perfect farm heater to meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal conditions for your animals while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

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