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Infrared brooders for broiler houses

Gasolec B.V. offers a variety of infrared brooder systems and LED lighting systems for poultry houses. These systems have a major influence on the animals. Proper lighting and heating ensure better growth of the poultry and reduces the amount of stress these animals can have inside a broiler house. 

In nature a hen functions as a natural incubator during the hatching period of the eggs. The same hen accompanies the chicks for the first weeks of their lives after they emerge from the hatching egg. In modern poultry production, an incubator has taken over the hatching process of the mother. Subsequently, the second task of the brood hen - guiding the chicks after they have just emerged from the hatching egg – is taken over by a poultry farmer in a modern poultry house with the help of brooders in combination with modern lighting, ventilation, feeding and drinking systems. 

Infrared brooders for poultry in poultry houses

Brooders are infrared gas heaters that keep the chicks warm for the first weeks after hatching when the chicks are no longer in the actual incubator. We call this the so-called ‘brooding period’. In the wild the sun can function as a brooder for a part of the day, giving the hens some ‘time off’ to leave the nest and search for food.  

Our most popular infrared brooders used in broiler houses are the S8 (3kW), M8 (5kW) and G12 (12kW). 

S8 Infrared Gas Heater (5kW) M8 Infrared Gas Heater (5kW) G12 Infrared Gas Heater (12kW)

In broiler houses and rearing houses hens are completely absent, this is where Gasolec brooders take over this heating task. The Gasolec infrared brooders are therefore an important and essential part of a smooth transition from the incubator to a poultry house for day old chicken during the first weeks of a chicken’s life. After that period, a chicken can generally produce sufficient heat itself, so that it no longer needs additional heating. 

LED lighting systems for infrared brooders in poultry houses 

Lighting is needed for poultry to see each other and the food. What light spectrum is needed and at what light intensity depends on the phase of the production process. In the ‘brooding’ period, lighting is primarily focused on stimulating drinking and eating, including the use of infrared brooders. Many poultry drinking systems use nipple drinkers that normally hold a drop of water. For chicks that just hatched, the light reflection in such water droplets triggers a curiosity to investigate what this reflection is. These chicks do this research by ‘knocking’ with their beaks against that drop of water. As a result, the poultry animals discover the water and start drinking from it on a regular basis. The faster the chick starts to drink, the better. When used properly, in the right place and with the right intensity & spectrum, the LED lamps stimulate the chickens to become active. 

Our most popular LED systems for usage in poultry houses are the 7W & 12W LED bulbs regular, 12W LED bulb DimTo, and the T1-series LED tubes

Prolucent LED Bulbs (7W, 12W, 12W DimTo)   T1+ LED Tubes

After the brooding period, the chickens need to develop themselves further, lighting again has an influence on this. With broilers, the focus is on meat production whereas with pullets, the focus is more on a proper development of the skeleton and animal uniformity. With layers, one of the focuses is to stimulate the hens to lay their eggs in the place the farmer wants the hen to lay her eggs. One should then think of a lower light intensity in places where chicks lay their eggs and a much higher light intensity in places where egg laying is not desired. Furthermore, red or extra warm white (2700K) light ensures the production of the hormones that stimulate the numbers of eggs laid per chicken. Blue light calms the chickens and can solve pecking problems. 

Gasolec B.V. in Animal Production

Gasolec B.V. is well know for its quality products and market know-how. This combination ensures that we can supply you with products that match your wishes and needs for your production process. We supply our products all around the world. Thanks to our cooperation with companies all over the world, you are assured of a fast delivery and local support. We would like to get in touch with you to get through the ‘brooding period’ in your poultry house well heated and with proper lighting. Subsequently, a specific lighting or heating plan can be made. 

More information about different lighting or infrared brooders heating for broiler and other poultry houses can be found on our website. 

Worldwide dealer network in infrared brooders   

Are you looking for a local dealer in infrared brooders? Take a look at our World Map. We have established a comprehensive dealer network spanning the globe to ensure that no matter where you are, you can find reliable and efficient solutions for your poultry heating needs. Our dealers are thoroughly trained and equipped to provide you with the best service, including installation advice, maintenance tips, and support for any issues you might encounter. Whether you're in the bustling cities or the remote countryside, our mission is to bring our state-of-the-art infrared brooders technology to your doorstep. If you cannot find a local dealer, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are committed to ensuring your poultry house benefits from optimal heating, contributing to the welfare and productivity of your poultry. 

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