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Infrared radiant gas heater: for poultry houses and pig houses

S8 Infrared Gas Heater (3.5kW) M8 Infrared Gas Heater (5kW) G12 Infrared Gas Heater (12kW)

Heating livestock houses is an important part of controlling the climate and behavior of animals in poultry and pig houses. Climate control ensures that animals stay warm when they need extra heat. During the first couple of weeks, young animals in particular are very sensitive to hypothermia. These young animals don’t produce enough heat themselves, while they lack the insulating protection of a layer of feathers and/or fat. Poultry or pigs that feel comfortable in their environment will eat better, sleep better and therefore perform better. There are different possibilities when it comes to heating livestock. Gasolec B.V. offers various kinds of a infrared radiant gas heater for heating your poultry or pig house. Our most popular infrared brooders used in animal houses are the S8 (3kW), M8 (5kW) and G12 (12kW). 

What are the benefits of using infrared heaters?

The usage offers a variety of advantages compared to other heat sources. When using infrared heaters, a significant part of its heating output goes down towards the litter and the animals on the ground as infrared radiation. With hot air units, the opposite happens. 

Hot air goes up first to heat the ceiling and the higher parts of a poultry or pig house. After doing this, warm air can heat the animals on the ground and the litter. The preheating process before chickens or pigs enter is therefore way faster and thus more efficient than with other heat sources. 

  • 1 - Direct infrared heat from heaters to the floor. 
  • 2 - Horizontal heat conduction within the floor. 
  • 3 - Indirect radiant heat and convection upward from heated floor. 
  • 4 - Indirect radiant heat and convection flow downward from ceiling. 

With an infrared radiant gas heater it is possible to heat a specific spot. The closer animals get to the heater – and so to this spot – the higher the temperature will be. By creating these comfort zones with heaters, an animal can go to the place where it feels most comfortable. 


Comfort zones Gasolec infrared heaters

For which animals are infrared heaters suitable?

Not all animals are alike, just as not all people are alike. Young animals feel most comfortable when they receive heat through infrared radiation. Infrared radiation feels like solar heat, this is heating without air displacement. When there is no or bad insulation, air displacement creates a draft. This draft quickly causes health problems for young animals. 

Infrared heaters from Gasolec B.V. are specifically designed for both poultry and pig houses, catering to the needs of these animals by providing a comfortable and warm environment. Our heaters are not limited to just these applications; they can be beneficial for a wide range of other animals sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The gentle, even heat emitted by our infrared heaters simulates natural sunlight, providing a heating solution without air displacement. This method reduces the risk of drafts that can lead to health problems in young animals and is particularly beneficial for those without the protective layer of feathers or fat.  

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