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Pigsties need good lighting to optimize their growing potential. Have Gasolec draw up a customised lighting plan and see immediately which type of LED lamp contributes to an optimum living environment for the pigs. A good living environment means that the animals feel good and perform better. The pigs eat better and therefore grow faster and larger. Because the eyesight of pigs is different from that of humans, they also need a different light intensity. Gasolec B.V. has the right knowledge and experience to advise you on which  LED lighting for pig houses system is needed in which phase of your production cycle 

Which systeem for LED lighting for pig houses 

There are different lighting needs at each stage of the production cycle. For example, in the farrowing phase, it is important that lighting stimulates the biological clock and biorhythm. A good lighting system will also improve the welfare and fertility of the pigs. In the mating phase, it is important that fertility is stimulated. In all stages, good light is important for pigs to get a good feed intake. 

In general, when the correct light intensity and light quantity is set, pigs feel more at ease. When pigs feel more at ease, this ensures better welfare, less stress and an improved performance. 

When choosing LED lighting for pig houses, the growth of the pigs is the starting point. This makes the Prolucent LED lamps 12 W regular or 12 W DimTo the first choice. It guarantees good quality at a reasonable price. When choosing the Prolucent 12 Watt DimTo LED lamp, the colour temperature changes as the lamp is dimmed up or down. The initial starting colour of this LED lamp is 2000K and is reminiscent of a sunrise. When the brightness increases, there is an increase in the colour temperature to no less than 4000K. This has a positive effect on the pigs, because it mimics the sun and therefore gives the animals a sense of sunrise and sunset. 

A very popular colour is 2700 Kelvin, which is extra warm white light. This is a slightly reddish white colour, to create a warm yet bright environment in stables. The Prolucent 7W and 12W regular both have a 2700 Kelvin colour output. All E27 lamps are available with IP54, IP65 & IP67 fittings. The LED lamps can be easily cleaned and achieve a longer life span. 

If you are set on a minimum waterproof certification of IP69, we offer a variety of LED tubes. These Prolucent T-series are available – again – in different colours and light output strengths. All the T-series tubes are IP69K certified. This is the highest possible rating one can get. The tubes lighting system is also fully dimmable, flicker free and is optionally available in different colours. The LED lighting for pig houses also complies with fire safety regulations (48Vdc). 

Save energy costs in your LED lighting for pig houses 

Sustainability in led lighting for pig houses does not only mean a saving of energy costs for the pig farmer. Thanks to Gasolec's keen pricing, you save money compared with other lighting options. The LED lighting is easy to install in the pig shed yourself so that you can immediately experience what good LED lighting does for the pigs. Contact Gasolec as your partner in animal husbandry and ask us your questions. 

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