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LED lighting for poultry houses

Understanding the critical role of lighting is essential for maintaining animal health and promoting growth in poultry houses. Gasolec has developed the Prolucent E27 LED lamps and T-series LED tube products, specifically designed for broiler houses and aviary systems. Implementing the right LED lighting for poultry houses can significantly alter and control bird behavior, leading to a stress-reduced environment where poultry are less likely to peck and more likely to eat, enhancing their overall well-being and productivity. 

Complete livestock LED lighting systems at Gasolec

We like to bring poultry farmers one step closer to a fully automated lighting system. For this, we offer a complete lighting solution:

The Prolucent E27 LED bulbs are designed for broiler and other livestock houses, but are also often used for corridor lighting in between aviary systems. The lamps are available in different colours and wattages. Thanks to the IP54, IP65 & IP67 fittings, the LED lamps can be easily cleaned and achieve a longer life span.

The Prolucent LED lighting tubes are very suitable for use in multi-storey poultry houses and aviaries. The tubes provide uniform and pleasant light distribution. The system complies with the highest classification for water tightness (IP69K). The lighting system is also fully dimmable, flicker free and is optionally available in different colours. These LED lighting systems for poultry houses also complies with latest fire safety regulations (48Vdc) and come with anti-pecking electric cables.

Using colours in LED lighting

With multicoloured Prolucent T2+ LED tubes, the behaviour of the animals can not only be monitored but also controlled. For example, blue light can prevent the hens in aviary systems from laying eggs on the ground. A combination of warm white and blue colours mixed at different times and intensities is often chosen. The red colour has a positive effect on the hypothalamus, reducing pecking problems and increasing egg production. This tailored approach using LED lighting enables a more controlled and beneficial environment for the birds.

Gasolec your partner in LED lighting for poultry houses

Choosing Gasolec for your lighting not only ensures excellent value but also signifies a commitment to long-term partnerships. We excel in delivering exceptional service, backed by extensive knowledge, and support in maintenance and sales. Our mission is to equip poultry farms with cutting-edge LED lighting systems that cater to the unique needs of each operation. By partnering with Gasolec, you invest in enhancing the welfare and productivity of your animals, ensuring they benefit from the best possible living conditions under our advanced LED lighting solutions. Trust Gasolec to be your guide in the journey towards more efficient, humane, and productive poultry farming practices with our LED lighting for poultry houses. Contact us for more information.

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LED lighting for poultry houses

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