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Heating for poultry in a breeder house

Gasolec B.V. manufactures various infrared radiant heaters for your poultry house. These radiant heaters improve the performance of your poultry. Due to the better conditions, broilers grow faster, and rearing hens develop better, resulting in an increase of egg production when they grow older. Radiant heaters are therefore a crucial part of a broiler and rearing house in breeder house

What are the advantages of infrared radiant heaters in a breeder house

The use of radiant heaters in a breeder house provides several advantages over the use of other heat sources. Not only do radiant heaters ensure better growth and development of the animals, but the radiant heaters also create heat in a faster and more efficient way. Because the heaters radiate heat directly towards the animals and the ground, bad insulation is less of a problem, and you do not suffer from an air flow (draft) that can cause animals to dry out. Moreover, the targeted heat ensures that different comfort zones are created within your poultry house. The animals can choose which temperature they prefer.

What kind of infrared heaters are suitable for in a breeder house?

The infrared radiant gas heaters from Gasolec B.V. can be divided into three different model categories:

Within these categories there are different versions with different capacities, as indicated in the overview below:


S2 (0.88kW)

S4 (1.75kW)

S8 (3.5kW)



M2 (1kW)

M3 (1.5kW)

M5 (3kW)

M8 (5kW)


G12 Asco (12kW)

G12 Maxi (12kW)

G12 E (12kW)


Which type of infrared heater is the most suitable for in a breeder house?

Which type of heater is suitable for your poultry house depends on:

  • The type of poultry house itself. For example, broilers and laying hens need different types of radiant gas heaters. Does it concern the rearing of laying hens or parent stock, the production of eggs or hatching eggs or a combination of both?
  • Your own wishes,
  • The available gas type,
  • The possible gas pressure regulation,
  • Is there an integrated climate system for heating / ventilation / cooling / control of the air inlets, etc.
  • The legal regulations within your area / country,
  • Your budget.

Infrared heaters supplied by Gasolec B.V.

When you choose an infrared heater from Gasolec B.V. for your breeder house you are assured of high-quality products for a fair pricing. As a specialist in the field of livestock environment, we concentrate on these products to provide our customers with energy efficient, long lasting solutions that can be integrated in nearly all poultry & pig production systems.

Key factors contributing to the success of Gasolec are durability, energy efficiency and application know how.

More information about infrared heaters from Gasolec B.V. or our complete range of LED lighting systems can be found on our website. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact us, we appreciate your questions and enquiries and we are aiming to come back to you within 24 hours.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us, we appreciate your questions and enquiries and we are aiming to come back to you within 24hours.

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