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Heating for poultry in a brooding house with Gasolec  

Gasolec B.V. is renowned for crafting state-of-the-art infrared radiant heaters, designed to significantly boost the performance of your operations. By offering an environment that closely mimics natural conditions, these heaters facilitate quicker growth rates in broilers and superior development in rearing hens, leading to heightened egg production as they age. Integral to the infrastructure of both broiler and rearing facilities, the implementation of effective heating for poultry in a brooding house is indispensable, underscoring the critical role these heaters play in optimizing the poultry rearing process. 

What are the advantages of infrared radiant heaters in a brooding house

Implementing radiant heaters introduces numerous benefits compared to other heating methods. The direct radiation of heat towards the animals and ground mitigates issues related to poor insulation and eliminates the problem of drafts that can lead to dehydration in poultry. This method of heating for poultry in a brooding house ensures a rapid and efficient rise in temperature, fostering an environment where various comfort zones are established. As a result, poultry can select their preferred temperature zones, promoting optimal growth and development within a controlled and comfortable setting. 

What kind of infrared heaters are suitable for in a brooding house?

The infrared radiant gas heaters from Gasolec B.V. can be divided into three different model categories:

Within these categories there are different versions with different capacities, as indicated in the overview below:


S2 (0.88kW)

S4 (1.75kW)

S8 (3.5kW)



M2 (1kW)

M3 (1.5kW)

M5 (3kW)

M8 (5kW)


G12 Asco (12kW)

G12 Maxi (12kW)

G12 E (12kW)


The suitability of a specific heater type for heating for poultry in a brooding house depends on various factors, including the type of poultry house, your preferences, available gas types, gas pressure regulation requirements, and the presence of an integrated climate system. Additionally, legal regulations, budget considerations, and whether the focus is on rearing laying hens, parent stock, egg production, hatching eggs, or a combination thereof play a crucial role in the selection process. 

Which type of infrared heater is the most suitable for in a brooding house?

Which type of heater is suitable for your poultry house depends on:

  • The type of poultry house itself. For example, broilers and laying hens need different types of radiant gas heaters. Does it concern the rearing of laying hens or parent stock, the production of eggs or hatching eggs or a combination of both?
  • Your own wishes,
  • The available gas type,
  • The possible gas pressure regulation,
  • Is there an integrated climate system for heating / ventilation / cooling / control of the air inlets, etc.
  • The legal regulations within your area / country,
  • Your budget.

Contact us for more information about heating for poultry in a brooding house 

Choosing Gasolec B.V. for your brooding house heating needs guarantees access to high-quality, competitively priced infrared heaters. Our expertise in livestock environments enables us to offer energy-efficient, durable solutions suitable for integration into almost all poultry and pig production systems. The success of our heaters is attributed to their durability, energy efficiency, and our deep understanding of application requirements. For more information about our infrared heaters or the comprehensive range of LED lighting systems, contact us. We value your inquiries about heating for poultry in a brooding house and are committed to providing prompt responses within 24 hours, ensuring your needs are met with expert care and attention. 

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