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Lighting systems for your poultry house

LED Bulbs and LED Tubes in Poultry house

In addition to heat, foot and water, light is an import element for your poultry. The right lighting system in a poultry house will ensure better results, such as better growth of the animals, laying more eggs or ensuring the laying of eggs in the right place (reduction in unwanted ground eggs).

Lighting is needed for the poultry to see each other and their food. For poultry, visibility is also part of their communication. By paying attention to what other animals are doing, they can keep track of the rest. Poor lighting can cause pecking or even cannibalism.

Which LED lighting system is necessary for poultry houses?

Prolucent LED Bulbs and Tubes

The kind of lighting and the amount necessary, differs per animal and per age of the animal.

With chicks, for example, it is beneficial to start with a high light intensity to give these animals a good start. This can slowly be reduced later - when the chicks are getting older – with a dimmer.

In a laying house, the light intensity can be increased in places where it is not desired to lay eggs and the intensity can be reduced at places where this is desired. Changing the color output also helps – for example - with reducing the amount of unwanted ground eggs.

A high and/or low light intensity can thus influence poultry. Which intensity is suitable in your poultry house depends on what you produce in your poultry house? The lighting in a broiler house is essentially different than in a house for parent stock or for laying hens. In addition, the housing system imposes different requirements on the lighting. This is because in a stable with animals on several floors, a different lighting system is desired than in a stable with all the animals on the ground. We would like to hear what your wishes are, to discuss together which light intensity and color output is most suitable for your poultry house.

Which LED lighting systems are available for poultry houses?

At Gasolec B.V. we offer a wide range of poultry lighting systems for usage in poultry houses, including E27 LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED dimmers, fixtures, covers and more. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting ensures low energy consumption and when used correctly, they can last a long time (+30.000 hours). LEDs are sensitive to temperature and combined with the high humidity, dust and ammonia levels in animal houses, these conditions can be very difficult for LED lamps. At Gasolec we took priority in these matters to ensure the optimal lighting system for poultry houses.

E27 LED Bulbs: 7 Watt & 12 Watt (warm white - 2700K) & 12 Watt DimTo (2000-4000K)

Despite the fact that LED lighting in many cases cannot withstand heat in combination with high humidity, Gasolec has various LED systems that are suitable for poultry houses. Our lighting systems come also with our own unique safety dimmers.

Monochromatic lighting is one color lighting. Gasolec has been offering green, red and blue lighting, in addition to extra warm white lighting, for applications in poultry houses for over 20 years. When used properly, colored lighting can have a positive effect on the animals. For example, blue ensures that the chickens become calmer. When there are removed from the house, farmers often turn on the blue lights to keep the animals calmer in their final ours within the poultry house. The optimal suitable color for your poultry house depends on the application.

The Prolucent lighting tubes provide an uniform light distribution by using 72 LEDs and an opaque finish. Unlike other LED tubes that create point source lighting, we reduce stress by equal distribution of light. The low voltage system (48Vdc) is the perfect balance between safety and efficiency. With this 48 Volts dc setup there is less chance of power loss compared to 24 or 12Vdc. Due to the DC current, the T-series tubes are always flicker free. Making it the perfect lighting system for aviary houses. The T2+ LED tubes have the option to change to color spectrum. By doing this we can influence the behavior of animals which can result in a reduction of stress, ground eggs, in pecking and creates a better chicken uniformity.

A more recent development is to look at spectrum of lighting. At Gasolec we have been working with extra warm white light for years, in practice this is also referred to as 2700K. This is white light with extra red. This extra added red is experienced as very pleasant by people. It provides good vision and is also beneficial for stimulating the hypothalamus in animals.

E27 LED Bulbs with Gasolec Fixtures

A new development is our Prolucent 12Watt DimTo LED lamp. This LED bulb gives at a minimum output 2000K color – extra red in the spectrum – and by increasing the voltage to 100% the light color slowly changes to 4000K. With this lamp, a daylight simulation is possible, starting with a reddish white light in the morning and by slowly increasing the output to a white light color with relatively less red in the middle of the day. This makes it possible to give animals a real sense of sunrise and sunset on a daily basis.

PLB 12 Watt DimTo (changing color)

The Prolucent Safety Dimmers, the Safety Dimmer 230Vac (E27 LED Bulbs) and the Safety Dimmer DC (LED Tubes), come with integrated protection functions, an alarm output and are DIN-rail mountable.

AC Safety Dimmer | E27 LED Bulb     DC Safety Dimmer | LED Tubes

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