IPL Light System

The IPL system is out of the delivery program, in its place there is the OrionLED 14W System! Contact Gasolec B.V. for IPL parts and/or other items that are still available!

The Gasolec IPL Light System is known as the Intelligent Poultry Light System as it is based on electronic adapters with build in intelligence and it is available since 2010.

The core of the system is made up of an electronic adapter and the 11W IPL lamps – in principle similar to an Orion Light System.

The IPL Light System today uses mainly 11W IPL lamps, producing:

RED > 610-630nm -> 650 lumen (± 65W incandescent)
GREEN > 540-550nm -> 1200 lumen (± 100W incandescent)
BLUE > 430-470nm -> 300 lumen (± 25W Incandescent)
WHITE > Whole spectrum -> 900 Lumen (± 75W Incandescent)

An IPL Light System can be dimmed from 100 till 5% measured with a certified light measuring system when using an LP491 Electronic Dimmer. The LP491 IPL Dimmer comes with a display and it has an integrated Watchdog program. This program controls both the incoming and the outgoing current and if something isn’t right it will try to adjust the outgoing current to what it supposed to be. If this is not possible this dimmer will disconnect the power supply to the IPL Lamps.

Characteristics IPL  Light System Value
Power Consumption / Light Unit 13W (2W adapter + 11W lamp)
Dim ability (*) 100% - 5%
Ignition / starting point At any level from 5-100%
Light Frequency 50.000Hz
Lamp sizes 11W
Electronic dimmer available for max. 200 IPL Lamps 11W
Blind current compensation (**)  Not needed, > 0.98
Connection 4-pins

(*) = Dimming 100% - 5% only with Gasolec IPL Dimmer LP491

Many times customers compare the Orion Light System with the IPL Light System and technically we get the following situation:

Characteristic Orionlux  light System IPL Light System
Power Consumption / Light Unit 15W 13W
Dim ability 100% - 50% 100% - 5%
Ignition / starting point At max. Voltage (20-30 sec.) At any level
Light Frequency 50Hz 50.000Hz
Lamp sizes 11W 11W
Electronic dimmer available for 10-90 Lamps 1-200 Lamps
Blind current compensation (*)  Needed, PF < 0.5! Not needed, > 0.98
Connection 2-pins 4-pins

(*) = Standard some blind current compensation is built into the Orion Dimmer LP600

In practice we find that the IPL Light System has many advantages but we have to admit that the IPL System with its electronics in the adapter is much more sensitive than the Orion System.


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