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may 5 2017

may 5 2017

GASOLEC TD20.2 Thermostat

NEW: GASOLEC TD20.2 Thermostat

Gasolec B.V.  is introducing its TD20.2 Digital Thermostat to the market. The design criteria are:

  • To be used with input voltages from 100 – 240Vac/50-60Hz
  • To be able to control heating OR cooling with an On/Off Relay


  • To be able to control heating OR cooling with a 0-10Vdc control signal
  • Easy to understand and to work with
  • Simple to install
  • Come in an IP55 or better box
  • Meet CE standards

The main application of the TD20.2 Thermostat is controlling the Gasolec Infrared Gas Heating Systems in Poultry and Pig Houses in situations where there are no other climate controllers present. 

In principle Gasolec recommends farmers to use climate controllers / climate computers that control both ventilation & heating & air inlet systems, etc.  At Gasolec we believe that working with one central controller has many advantages and for these products  farmers should go to specialists that produce these units. In practice not all customers have such an integrated system and then the Gasolec TD20.2 offers a handy solution.

 At Gasolec we focus on producing  Infrared Radiant Heaters for Pigs Farms and for Poultry Farms and our heating systems can be operated with all kinds of climate controllers. 

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