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Gasolec is a Dutch Manufacturer and Supplier of Infrared Radiant Heaters & Lighting Systems for Poultry & Pig Houses. As a specialist in this field, we concentrate on these products to provide our customers with energy efficient, long lasting solutions that can be integrated in nearly all poultry & pig production systems.

Key factors contributing to the success of Gasolec are durability, energy efficiency and application know how.

When you have a question about the Gasolec products, you can approach your local dealer. You can also contact Gasolec to find a dealer or with specific issues you want to ask directly.

Worldwide presence

  • Gasolec America Inc.
    North-, Central- and South-America
  • Gasolec B.V.
    All other regions
    (this website)

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Gasolec products

Infrared heating

The Gasolec Infrared Radiant Gas Heaters are like small suns that provide radiant heat for optimum living conditions for the animals. These heaters are available for either Propane/ LPG or Natural Gas High or Natural Gas Low so Gasolec can provide you with a solution for most conditions. > more


Gasolec started with energy saving monochromatic lighting systems that use compact fluorescent lamps in green, blue, red and white. The green & blue mainly for broiler houses, the red & white more for egg production. Recently LED white lamps have been added to this delivery program. > more


The health of animals as well as farmers is a big issue in modern poultry production. Ionization is a tool to reduce the fine dust level inside poultry houses that helps to reduce health issues for the farmer AND the animals AND it helps to reduce the ammonia and fine dust emission of poultry houses. > more