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nov 5 2021

nov 5 2021

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Aviary: New lighting system LED tubes 48 Volt

LED Lighting Tube The Prolucent lighting tubes provide an uniform light distribution by using 72 LEDs and an opaque finish. Unlike other LED tubes that create point source lighting, we reduce stress by equal distribution of light. The low voltage system (48Vdc) is the perfect balance between safety and efficiency. With this 48 Volts dc setup there is less chance of power loss compared to 24 or 12Vdc. Due to the direct current, the T-series tubes are always flicker free. 

The light tubes themselves do not consist out of a great number of parts. A solid, simple and considerate design makes it reliable, affordable and easy to install. Other important features are:

IP69K Waterproof
+  5.5 or 9.6 Watt output versions
 High Lumen per Watt ratio (up to 126 Lm/W);
+  Anti-pecking electric wire (extra coating)
+  48 Vdc (fire safety precaution)
+  0 to 100% dimmable | flicker free
High Lumen per Watt ratio
Different colours available
+  Possibility to control the behavior of animals by changing the colour spectrum;
Optional with multiple colours in 1 tube (T2+ series)


New and unique DC Safety Dimmer

Gasolec developed it's own DC Safety Dimmer especially for regulating the output of DC lamps. The dimmer has 2 power input channels (each max. 8Amp) and 4 power output channels. This dimmer has several build in safety functions and it checks the outgoing powersupply to the lamps. The DC dimmer detects different kinds of alarming situations, like overheating, broken wiring and faulty lamps. The corresponding output shuts down when a problem is detected and shows this error. At the same time this DC dimmer is equiped with an alarm relais that can be connected to the central alarm system. 

T2 LED tubes (multicolour)
Programs can be run to change the colour output automatically in different time zones per day (for T2-series). This is, among others, sometimes recommended so that the animals will not get used to one specific colour spectrum and hereby lose the effectiveness. A few features of the Prolucent T-series dimmer are:

 Low voltage: 14-48 DC;Prolucent DC Safety Dimmer
High power frequency > 2kHz;
Overheating and overload protection
Auto slow fading: to avoid stress induction & flickering;
2 dc power inputs, each max. 8Amp 
4 Control inputs: to control the dim levels of 4 channels
Can be used as 0-10V input or to connect potentiometer (10K potmeter);
Safety function: automatic system shut down if a flaw is detected
Equipped with an alarm relais that can be connected to a central alarm system
Din rail mountable: the dimmer can be installed within standard wiring cabinets


Combine the LED tubes with our LED bulbs (corridor)

For lighting in the corridors of aviary houses, the LED lamp bulbs are often used. The bulbs will be installed with a VLU HIP or VLU cable fixture and a lamp screw on cover (IP65). Installation for this type of lighting system is easy and fast. 


Prolucent LED lighting system aviary house (tubes + bulbs)     Prolucent LED lighting system aviary house (tubes + bulbs)    Prolucent LED lighting system aviary house​​​​​

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