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jan 9 2017

jan 9 2017

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M Type DS heater

All Gasolec Heaters are standard equipped with a safety device that disconnects the gas flow to the heater in case there is no (more) flame. This safety feature is a CE requirement. With the M8 DS there is a Double Security build in by integrating a Clixon in the thermocouple of that M-type heater. This Clixon interrupts the thermocouple when the burner pipe gets overheated should a flame go into the burner pipe. 

At the end of the burner pipe there is a wire mesh that normally stops the flame for going into the burner pipe. Should this wire mesh become damaged and should the flame enter the burner pipe, this can influence the combustion process leading to an increased CO emission. By installing a thermocouple with integrated Clixon, we create an M8 with Double Security: protection against an absence of the flame AND a protection against an overheated burner pipe.

The system was developed years ago but during 2016 there has been a significant increase in demand for this extra safety feature. For more information, please contact your dealer or Gasolec.

Image: M8 DS  = M8 with Double Security, heater shown without dust filter

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