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may 5 2016

may 5 2016

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OrionLED 14W broiler house


Gasolec has added the OrionLED 14W Light System to its delivery program. This type of lamp is uniquely designed for lighting animals on the ground like the broilers on the above picture. With 3 lines of 19 units of OrionLED 14W White lamps we managed to get 23+Lux uniformly on the ground in a broiler house of 18x110m long. This despite the fact that the lamps are installed against the sloped roof and up to 5m high in the center!

In this installation we replaced 93 Orionlux Green & Blue compact fluorescent lamps 11W by 57 OrionLED 14W White lamps using the existing light fixtures. Since then the farmer noticed a significant improvement in the light intensity, over 40% reduction in power consumption and easier and much further dimming. The fact that the existing fixtures and  electric cable from the previous light system could be used, was an important factor for the farmer to make this change.

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